Exit Program

When vacation styles change, we are here to help.

Attention: This form is only for owners and members that are looking to exit their Festiva/Latour timeshare. For any other requests, please contact your owner/member services department.

We understand that having vacation ownership is a yearly investment and was a big decision to make for your family. Many people have enjoyed years of vacation ownership, but sometimes life plans change over time. We hope that you have enjoyed your years of ownership, and we are here to help by listening and offering you a variety of options to help you either get the most out of your ownership, or assist you with a healthy and safe exit.

We want to insure you have the resources and support you need directly from the management company of your current association. Our friendly specialists can assist with LaTour Managed Resorts and Patton Hospitality Managed resorts (Festiva Management Services).

Learn how to avoid potential risks from deceptive resale or "get out of your timeshare" companies by going here: http://www.ardaroc.org/protecting-yourself-from-fraud.aspx

If you are looking to exit your timeshare, please fill out the form below with your information, and a specialist will be in contact with you. Please note they will be contacting you from the member services team of your management company.

If you are experiencing issues completing this form, please call 855-339-3984 for help and we will be glad to assist you.