How Festiva Adventure Club Points Work

Understanding Your Points

Becoming a member of the Festiva Adventure Club (FAC) grants you an allotment of points that become available on the first of January each year for annual members, or every other year for bi-annual members.

In each usage year (every year for annual members, every other year for bi-annual members), use your points however you like toward vacations at any FAC resort. You can choose from resorts such as the Palm Beach Resort to The Atrium in St. Maarten. The points you need for each vacation will vary depending on the destination, size of the unit, length of stay, and reservation dates. You have the option to reserve as many three, four or seven night stays in a usage year as your points allow.

Flexibility & Variety

With a Festiva Adventure Club membership you can use your points at your favorite location each year or you can explore new vacation destinations. With so many resort choices, members can utilize all of their points at the destination that best suits their evolving tastes and needs. Whether you are looking for a beach getaway or a relaxing mountain retreat, FAC gives you the flexibility to customize your membership.

If your vacation plans call for more points than your current contract includes, you have the option to purchase the additional points you need, which we call "accelerating your points". Of course, if you find yourself needing additional points year after year, you can also upgrade your membership to permanently increase the amount of points you receive.

On the other hand, if you will not be able to use all of your points in a given year, we want to ensure that they will not be lost. Your points will simply rollover to the next usage year. You also have the option to deposit, or bank, your points with our exchange affiliate, RTX. As an FAC member, you are automatically enrolled in a Premium Plus membership with RTX, which allows your points to be banked for up to four years.

Maximize Your Benefits

We take pride in our efforts to offer stress-free vacations to our members. As a part of that philosophy, we work with our exchange partner, RTX, to offer a wide variety of travel discounts. You can save on nightly hotel stays, car rentals, attractions, golf tee times, restaurant coupons, and much more! You can learn more about how RTX can benefit you here.