Peppertree Vacation & Travel Club

Acquisition Update

Most aspects of your membership including all Club rights and benefits have remained the same since the 2007 acquisition. Your reservations will continue to be serviced through the Peppertree Vacation and Travel Club toll-free line at 1-888-737-7373. Questions regarding loan balances and maintenance fee payments can be directed to Zealandia Capital, Inc. Email: or toll free at 1-888-881-8082

Interval International and Peppertree Vacation and Travel Club

In 1997, the Club entered into a long term contract with Interval International in which Interval International has agreed to provide the reservation services for the Club. When you call 888-737-7373 to make reservations you are working directly with Interval International employees. This relationship allows the exchange process to be easily handled in one phone call.

Resorts available to Club members

Peppertree Vacation and Travel Club members have access to the same resorts that were available prior to Festiva becoming the club manager with one exception. The Vacation Club Villas, in Asheville, N.C., are no longer available to club members. This resort was originally sold as a right to use property with a limited life span. All of the weeks at this resort have expired and therefore can no longer be made available to Peppertree Vacation and Travel Club members. Here is a list of resorts available to Peppertree Vacation and Travel Club members:

  • Peppertree Atlantic Beach
  • Peppertree Ocean Club
  • Sandpebble Beach Club
  • Sea Mystique
  • Mirror Lake & Tamarack