The Quiet Beauty of Rangeley Lake, Maine

My husband and I were looking for a unique vacation in the "wilds of Maine" where we could go to relax and get in touch with Nature. Did we ever do that! When we arrived at our log cabin by the lake, we were treated with a wood fire burning in the magnificent stone hearth, nestled among the birches and fir trees with only the loons to listen to while we relaxed and slept. In the morning we began our quest to "Spot a Moose" in the wild. The kind folks at the Rangeley Lodge suggested we leave at sunset and sure enough, we spotted a lone moose just crossing the road as we drove slowly along toward the ski area of Sugarloaf. It was as though he (or she?) were waiting for us to take a photo. For the next fifteen minutes, we watched as he/she sauntered slooooowly down the highway until finally strolling off into the woods. It was not easy, though, to take our eyes off the surrounding scenery. What sights to remember. As we drove back to our log cabin we felt closer to nature than we could ever imagine. It was one of our most satisfying Time Share Vacations since we joined Festiva.

Kenneth Kalb & Nance Driscoll (South Portland, ME)

This photo was taken at the entrance to Canyon Ste. Anne in Beaupre, Canada. We traded our timeshare this year for a condo in Beaupre (Condorama Int'l at Mont Ste. Anne), about 25 miles north of Quebec City, Canada. My husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary by having our son and daughter-in-law, along with our two grandchildren, accompany us on this vacation. The condo was wonderful and the location was ideal. We were able to visit Quebec City a few times; we also enjoyed the beautiful outdoors north of the city by hiking to waterfalls, taking day trips to the Ile de Orleans and small picturesque towns, and going on a whale watching cruise. It was a perfect vacation--thank you, Festiva, for making this possible!

Roberta Winarick (Waco, TX)

A Memorable Vacation

Last December 2008, when I decided to do something romantic, I chose to take my wife to Blue Ridge Village in Banner Elk, NC. From the moment we arrived, we knew we were in for a treat. The air was cold and crisp, the mountain tops had snow lining the ski slopes, and our resort was rustic and quaint. Inside our room we enjoyed the fireplace, the Jacuzzi, and lush and comforting accommodations that would leave no one wanting.

Nearby, we hiked mountain trails that opened vistas of high country views, we dined at friendly local restaurants, and we were sad but refreshed when it was time to head home.

For breakfast, my wife cooked eggs in the kitchenette which included a small table for four—more than enough for the two of us. We ate Italian one night, strolled into a wine shop for some wine tasting on another and worshipped God at a church with a view through the sanctuary windows of the mountains.

Dan & Mary Angelini (Raleigh, NC)

My name is Kathy Arthur and I became a new member of the Adventure Club while visiting Blue Ridge Village in Banner Elk, North Carolina in September. I visited the resort with my aunt and best friend, and we all felt that this was the best vacation that we have ever taken. The weather was wonderful and the scenery superb. We visited all of the local attractions, including the Biltmore Estate, and will make plans to return to the area in the future. The resort was very comfortable and relaxing and the staff was all very nice and friendly. This picture was taken in front of the Manager's Office by a staff member on the last day of our visit. During this trip, we made many wonderful memories and with my new membership in the Adventure Club, we are hoping to make many more.

Kathy Arthur (Vincennes, IN)

St. Martin was the destination of choice for our two week vacation from Oct. 9 to Oct. 23, 2009. The views were breathtaking, the weather hot,hot, hot in the 90's and the people always friendly. It is a fabulous island shared by two countries and no major customs and immigration between them! The reason we decided on this island was that it was the first place we ever vacationed and we wanted to re-visit it as the last time we were there, in 1994, was the year before the hurricane impacted the island with destruction. What a modernized change has taken place since then! We recalled our previous memories of touring the island by motorcycle and the various resorts, restaurants and casinos that existed then and still do today. Sightseeing remains priceless as do the new memories we have now created. Another reason we wanted to go back to St. Martin was to celebrate my husband's 60th birthday. On that day, we enjoyed a great afternoon on the boardwalk in Phillipsburg and found a quaint bar owned by an expatriate Canadian who made us feel like it was home away from home.

We love what Festiva Resorts has to offer!

Cheryl and Paul (Ontario, Canada)

My wife and I decided to take a trip to Charleston, SC to celebrate or 27th wedding anniversary. We arrived in Charleston on October 30, 2009. We were kind of dreading the sales pitch we had to sit through on our anniversary, the next day. Festiva set us up in a very nice hotel right out side of the historic district. We got in some major sight seeing the day before the sales presentation. October 31, 2009 much to our surprise was a great day. The sales person was very nice and helpful. He showed us different alternatives to ways we could acheive memorable vacations. Charleston was the perfect place to celebrate a Halloween wedding annniversary. Yes we were married October 31, 1982.

The historic disttrict was crawling with gouls and goblins. The end of the evening we went on a haunted graveyard tour to top off our festivities. It was one of our most memorable vacations to date. Our gift to ourselves was future vacations through Festiva Resorts.

Our home timeshare is at Rangeley Lake Resorts. We were there the third week in July 09. We spent an afternoon with friends kayaking on the Magalloway River. It was awesome, relaxing, and energizing.

There is nothing like seeing Maine from the middle of the river!

Kevin & Sandy Warden (Lebanon, ME)

For nearly 20 years I’ve been vacationing in Myrtle Beach at the Peppertree Ocean Club, week 32. During that time we’ve seen many changes in the building, the city, and our family. We take other vacations throughout the year but we use this week as a time for our family to spend time together, relax, and grow closer. My children have been here every year of their life! From floating around in the baby pools at 1 year old to chasing girls in their teens. POC is a strong part of our family’s history and is a tradition we look forward to all year long.

The historic disttrict was crawling with gouls and goblins. The end of the evening we went on a haunted graveyard tour to top off our festivities. It was one of our most memorable vacations to date. Our gift to ourselves was future vacations through Festiva Resorts.

Richard E Todd (Amherst, OH )

Christmas at Ocean Gate Hibiscus Resort

Our daughter, Leatrice Williams, flew from Worcester, MA to Atlanta, GA and traveled with her sister, Sabrina and her husband, Cyrus Jackson to St. Augustine. We reserved two adjoining 2 bedroom suites at Hibiscus.

We had a wonderful time even though the temperature was a little cooler than expected but comfortable enough.

It was such a joy to explore St. Augustine and then return to a comfortable and quiet resort at the end of the day. The accommodations were excellent.

We toured on foot and on cruises, rented a boat to go out fishing, bowled, walked along the beach, and fished by the shore. There were so many activities that we were unable to participate in them all.

Tom and I also celebrated our 41st Wedding Anniversary while we were there. Family has a high priority in our lives; so it was good to celebrate meaningful celebrations with our children present.

Everyone contributed to every meal with sometimes surprising results and odd menus.

My new husband and I spent a week at The atrium resort in St Maarten. While we were there we got married right on the beach at sunset. The atrium staff was the best staff that we have encountered in our travels. They were very willing to make our stay perfect. The beach at the Atrium was the perfect location for the ceremony. We would recommend this resort to everyone at festiva. We had guest staying at other resorts in the area and they were very disappointed with there amenities and told us nest time they come to St. Maarten they will be staying at the Atrium.

Danielle and Scott

Last summer, I purchased a 2 bedroom timeshare at Peppertree Ocean Resort in Myrtle Beach. My husband thought we were just renting it for the week. We got there, unpacked and looked around. He loved it and so did our 7 year old son. When I surprised them with the news that we were now owners they both were surprised and happy. My husband didn't even check his email all week! Our son even won a bubble gun during one of the many childrens activites.

Now, we look forward to spending a week in Myrtle Beach every summer enjoying a great, family resort. Thanks to Festiva for helping bring my family closer together.

Gina Buchardt

This was taken last December at the Battery in Charleston, SC when we stayed at our favorite resort, the Church Street Inn. This was one of our many "tree" pictures. We hung the camera on several different tree limbs to try to get some family photos with all of us together. The Battery is a must see for anybody that visits Charleston. It's such a wonderful historical city and we try to stay here at least once a year.

Tony and Jennifer Sheppard (Kingsland, GA)

How do you relax at Festiva's Blue Ridge Village resort in Banner Elk, North Carolina? Just find a big rock....well, actually that's a little Rock; Grant Davis Rock that is, resting on a big rock and enjoying the miniature golf. Don't let that picture fool you, though. He also found paddleboats on the lake and "pushed hard!" Did you ever fall in the hole on a cornhole game board? You guessed it...he did! Now back at home, there's a painted birdhouse hanging in Grant's front yard in Georgetown, Ky, with lots of colors, a guitar and "UK" on the sides that Grant and big brother, Gavin, helped paint at the resort’s activities center. Only arm swimmies were needed to jump to mom and grandmother into the warm water at the indoor swimming pool, and jump he did - often with no warning! And then there were the s'mores, a fire pit and lots of sticky fingers....yum! A perfect way to end the week in the mountains. The Rock Family hopes you're getting the “picture” here. A trip to the mountains of North Carolina to stay at Festiva will "rock your world."

My wife and I stayed at the Cabins at Green Mountain and loved it! We were lucky enough to book the cabin as a Relaxing Retreat. The cabin was awesome, and the customer service was great. We live in Myrtle Beach and were worried that there would not be enough for us to do in Branson to fill out our week. Wow, were we surprised. There is so much to do and see in Branson. Our favorite spot was Silver Dollar City. It was mid-December and the lights were amazing! We had never seen anything like it.

Nick Bender