Why Choose Festiva for your Vacation Ownership?

Over the past fifteen years, Festiva's collection of resorts has grown from a single location to more than twenty properties in ten states and the Caribbean. In addition, we are the only timeshare company that owns a fleet of luxury catamarans that dock in both Caribbean and Greek ports.

Festiva has over 100,000 members and owners who entrust us with their precious vacation time. Festiva was founded on family, so we are committed to providing a memorable vacation experience to each and every one.

As a member of the Festiva Adventure Club you will enjoy benefits such as:

Choosing Your Destination

You will have access to any of Festiva's resorts during the year, all depending on the amount of points you've accumulated. Each location offers spacious one, two, or three bedroom units with fully equipped kitchens and a comfortable living spaces. Resorts offer a unique array of amenities on-site such as dining, entertainment, or the little things that will make your stay easier. Plus you can enjoy the cultural experiences that are specific to the destination you have chosen for your vacation.

Customizing Your Vacation

To fit your changing and growing vacation needs, you can reserve three, four, seven nights, or multiple week stays. You also have the convenience of selecting a unit size that accommodates your family and friends, no matter how many join in on the fun this year.

Expanding Your Vacation Options

As a member, you can exchange your timeshare points with RTX for access to resorts in other networks, which include destinations all over the world. This exchange system helps you enjoy these resorts at one of the lowest costs in the industry. You can also receive great discounts on cruises, hotel stays, and rental cars.

Receiving Flexible Benefits

Festiva members are offered the most flexible vacation club benefits, such as the ability to accelerate or defer points from one year to the next.

Sterling Customer Service

Most importantly, you will have access to a customer service staff who cares about you and seeks to ensure that your every vacation need is met.